K&N Pro Series East Pleased With Test at Bowman Gray

(Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) No one was exactly sure what to expect on Wednesday when the K&N Pro Series East had a testing session at Bowman Gray Stadium. But when the practice was over, the consensus is that we are in for an exciting race on June 4.
            That’s the date when the K&N Pro Series East will compete for the first time ever at the historic quarter mile – the first time that full-bodied cars will race at the Stadium in over a decade.
            18 drivers attended the testing session, including many of the points contenders. They were nervous entering the test but were very pleased with how things went.
            “Based on what I heard from all the teams, they feel like they learned a lot,” said Kip Childress, race director for the series. “By coming out here and being able to have some time on the race track – on a track that is unique compared to anything they’ve seen up to this point - they really were able to pick up a lot.”
            By the end of the practice, the teams were improving their lap times by more than half a second. “A little of that improvement came with adjustment on the race car – a lot of it came with comfort on the race track,” said Childress.
            The tight quarter-mile track will require a very different driving style from other events for the series, but Childress feels that many of the drivers will feel right at home. “We’ve got a lot of veterans and a lot of young kids that bring a lot of different backgrounds of racing to the Stadium. They’ll be able to use a lot of what they’ve learned racing go-karts, racing Legends cars, racing cars where they had a lot of power on a tight track.”
            Many of the race teams have relationships with Sprint Cup teams and are able to bring that technology and expertise to their operations. And for this event, many were also eager to get some input from Stadium racing veterans.
            “We’ve got a few teams that have the benefit of picking Stadium driver’s brains like Tim Brown - with him working at Michael Waltrip racing. And Burt Myers has a tie-in with a lot of these guys,” said Childress. “We saw Burt and Tim here today - and I think based on the information the teams gathered from them, they were pleasantly surprised with how quick the cars were here.”
            The fireworks will fly on June 3 and June 4 when the K&N Pro Series East teams lay it on the line in a 150-lapper at Bowman Gray Stadium. Qualifying will be on Friday, June 3, with racing on Saturday, June 4. For details, visit www.bowmangrayracing.com.