New Events and New Sponsors for 2010 at Bowman Gray

(Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) Bowman Gray Stadium ushers in the 2010 season with some new features in their racing lineup as well as some new sponsors backing the racing action.
            Former Stadium competitor, Steve Plemmons, makes his return to Bowman Gray Stadium – but this time he’ll be doing so as a sponsor. Bill Plemmons RV World®, owned and operated by Steve Plemmons, will take over the sponsorship of the 2010 Modified Series.
            Plemmons started at the Stadium as a crew member for Paul Radford’s Modified in the 1970’s and quickly fell in love with Stadium racing. He tried his hand in the former “Blunderbust” Division, winning the third race of his first season and finishing second in the points. The next year, he made the leap to the Sportsman Division and encountered similar success.
            In just six seasons in the Sportsman Division, Plemmons racked up 30 wins – having his best season in 1983 with ten victories.
            Plemmons has many fond memories of the Stadium. “In 1983, we won the first four events straight in a row – one night a double header and the first six out of ten!” said Plemmons. “What makes it such a good memory is that we built our cars ourselves. We built it totally. We built our own frame, our own engines, transmissions, rear ends - we even did our own body and paint.”
            “And in 1983, we were able to put that car on the track for $12,000,” said Plemmons. “We were running against a $45,000 Thunderbird – and we would consistently run with them or outrun them. That’s a fond memory when you could beat a car that costs four times what yours did.”
            Being voted “Most Popular Driver” in 1981 ranks high as a good memory for Plemmons, but the best memory by far is keeping his integrity. “We had a successful run, and I never cheated. I followed the rules,” said Plemmons. “If I had cheated, when I laid my head on my pillow - I would’ve known it. I would’ve known I really didn’t win it the right way. And as I look back 24 years later, I can say that what we accomplished - we really earned it. It was real.”
            Plemmons set aside his racing aspirations to concentrate on business and family: working at, and eventually owning, Bill Plemmons RV World®. He is now excited to sponsor the Modified Series at the track that holds so many memories for him. “I never felt right about sponsoring one car: that’s like choosing sides,” said Plemmons. “Now I’m sponsoring the whole division and not just one car.”
            “We’ve been blessed enough to expand Bill Plemmons RV World® to Raleigh and Charlotte. With our three locations, we are offering the RV lifestyle to 5 million plus people,” said Plemmons. “We know that camping builds strong families. And Bowman Gray Stadium is about family too.”
            In addition to sponsoring the Modified Series, Bill Plemmons RV World® will bring you the Bill Plemmons RV World® 100 on May 8 – the first race of the season with the infamous full-field draw.
            The first “One Dollar Ladies’ Night” will be brought to you on May 1 by a new sponsor: WSSU Motorsports Management. Great Clips will be yet another new organization to bring you a Ladies’ Night on July 10.
            On July 24, Sheetz brings you yet another budget-friendly Ladies’ Night in addition to one of the most anticipated new events of the season: the Sheetz Twin 50-lap Modified races. The normal 25-lap Modified double-headers will increase on this night to two 50-lappers, giving competitors twice the chance to charge their way to the front and giving fans twice the racing action.
            On August 6 and 7, Bowman Gray Stadium will host the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour for the Weekend – a two-day event featuring the 199.
            K&N Filters brings you the Street Stock 50-lapper: the longest and most prestigious race of the season for the Street Stock series. In the Sportsman Series, the Center For Clinical Research Sportsman 100 and the Baity’s Discount Tire Sales Sportsman 60 will be the premiere events for the Sportsman Series in 2010.
            And for yet another season, even more exciting racing action and family friendly prices will be brought to you by Bowman Gray Stadium’s returning sponsors: Tucson, USG, Whelen, Craftsman, East Coast Wings & Grill, Winston-Salem Journal, and Carolina Farm Credit.
            The 62nd season kicks off with the Tucson 200 on April 24. In addition to the Modified 200-lapper, there will be racing for the Sportsman, Street Stock, and Stadium Stock Divisions. Qualifying will take place on Friday, April 23. On Saturday, ticket gates open at 6:00 for practice, and the first race begins at 8:00 PM. Ticket prices, directions, and more information can be found online at or by calling (336) 723-1819.